Brine Stains on th

I am looking for possible causes for brine stains at the front cover of a natural gas high efficiency furnace just below the plastic flue which exits at the to right side of the cabinet. The stains were noted in the cooling season and were dry but stains were easily noticable by the distintive long yellow markings. The furnace was a Goodman I think about a five year old unit. Another interesting observation was that this unit was in an area that required fresh air intake and this pipe ran up into the ceiling but did not exit on the outside. I could only assume that it exited somewhere inside the wall. Possible causes?

Sorry about the title. It should have read ‘brine stains on the cover’

Got any pictures?

Brine stains? Please explain. I have never heard this term.

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Sounds like he has condensation leaking from the Furnace exhaust.
This could give a stain .

Yes it is condensate from the burners. No I have no pictures. The exhaust flue goes out of the top of the cabinet and rises vertically about 6 feet and then makes a 90 degree turn into the wall. I am certain the stains have come from this flue but I don’t see them very often so I believe something unusual is happening when I see them.


Before you enter the murky waters of HVAC analytics, it might be appropriate to employ the use of a digital camera. They even come on telephones these days.

Then the folks here that have combustion analyzers and know how to use them can offer some hypothetical suggestions about what could possibly be wrong.

This information will then be of no use to you because you do not have the equipment to gather the information to determine which hypothetical theory is appropriate for your situation.

If what you see and are trying to describe is of significant concern, then I recommend you call and someone else to analyze it.

As a commercial building inspector, we bring in all kinds of experts into the inspection to analyze and evaluate actual situations on-site. Why can’t you call your favorite HVAC contractor to come in on the inspection with you and evaluate the situation.

If it’s something wrong then your client will be a estatic about your services.

If you are wrong, then you just received some educational training for the $65 service call.

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Get some more information so we know what the hell is happening.
A picture would be helpful.
Seeing what you describe is not in the scope of Home Inspection and requires analysis, and you don’t know what your looking at, hire someone that does. (not being sarcastic)

We do it all the time. Why can’t you?

The results will solve the problem or teach you about what your looking at.

Either way it’s worth your investment, even if you can’t charge extra for it.
(not being sarcastic)

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