Bring the greenies back

I’m not sure, but it would seem to me that the merit system we lost may currently be of value from what I see going on…


Oh, while we’re at it… why did we lose it? If somebody whined a lot about it, are they still here?

I complained because I had too many

No I think it needs to stay away. To many fights because of that system. People get along much better now IMO believe it or not :slight_smile:




Ok what the h e l l are greenies!!!?

You forgot to quote the first post so we know who gets the “Reddie”!!!

Still don’t get it!!!

That alone would have garnered you a half dozen reds…that is why they removed the system/program. It became a popularity contest. I personally would give people reds at random just for the ensuing sideshow. It was hoot.:mrgreen:

Ok… maybe a bad idea :smiley:

As Jeff has posted…
the system was a meaningless joke…
not suitable for a Professional BB system.