brochure and business card design for InterCoastal Inspections

InterCoastal Inspections is a great example of a well branded company. When the decision was made to rebrand, every detail was thought out.

Levi, InterNACHI’s logo designer, was contacted and given a specific concept and color scheme. The resulting logo is not just a cute cartoon image of a turtle, but rather a mosaic-like creation which blends a house into the shell.

The tagline, Home is for life, relates back to both homes and turtles, and becomes a fully perceived concept after reading the descriptive paragraph below “About InterCoastal Inspections.”

This new identity is clever, personal, and relative.

If you have plans to rebrand your company, take the time to come up with an idea which is original and carries through as a strong concept. Then let InterNACHI’s Marketing Department do the rest.





Really Nice Jesse.

This is the kind of marketing that reflects the clear attention to detail that you mentioned. The result is that the materials appear very professional. Before anyone meets you, they see the materials that you have created and infer your level of professionalism from those materials. Great design matters far more than most people understand. It makes you memorable and it suggests that you care about the quality of work that you do in all things.

A logo should be utilized everywhere. On your site, on your card, on your truck, on your brochure. The more consistent the quality of your visual presence the more recognizable you become as a professional service. If you have a new logo, put it to work for your company.

As always, if you need any help from us (for instance ai files for a company that prints truck graphics), please do not hesitate to contact us. If I made your logo, I can give you the files in whatever format you need. This service may be free, but its importance should not be taken lightly.

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