Broken Links on Inspector Websites

Hi everyone,
I just had a very frustrating thing happen today.
Just started compiling an email list from the internet of all the available HI’s in my area that have websites.
Out of the first 25 I sent emails to, 6 of them came back undeliverable mostly because they no longer exist:(

I get the feeling that a lot of folks in my area get into the HI business to make a lot of money and then loose interest when they can’t make it work in a month or two.(this does not look good when clients are trying to get in touch with someone in the area)

Anyway , I’m just ranting because I’m trying to get some response and interest in starting up the local chapter.
Any one else have this problem?

I found a few of the same in starting my chapter here on the Olympic Peninsula.
Lots of names. Nobody home.

Same Here