Broken Water Main

I don’t know if the video will work or if it is clear but this was something to see.

Our finest were on the job with in minut…hours!


What the heck - its only the tax payers money.

Might make a nice ice rink


How deep are the water mains in your area?

Hopefully that main did not break because of cold this early in the year.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I’m sure they are below frost line [4’ here] It was not that cold for the main to break. I guess it was it’s time. It was in an older neighborhood.

What I really wanted to post was the video but could not. Marcel the ground was doing the wave! First time I have ever seen this.

When I was plumbing the mains always seemed to breck on the coldest day of the year so you spent a couple hours digging in wet cold mud. Ahh the memories.