Broken Window on inspection

Cliff,$385 to replace a single pane of glass?
How about $20?

I do believe if you broke it, you should pay for it. But NOT $385! A single glazed pane is worth about 50 bucks. Sounds like they want you to pay for a brand new window. They should take the $50 and run.

$50 will make it a giant size piece of glass.I thought prices were bad here.Hell ,I can go to the alley and get it for free.:wink:

Talk to you next time, Cliff. :slight_smile:

I would want to see the estimate on the replacement of the glass. There is no way it should cost that much.

If it’s more than an $100.00 tell them you need to urn it into your insurance company, even if it does not meet your deductible, your insurance company is on your side.

Tell them you need a copy of the estimate to submit to your insurance company for payment. The price they told you to replace the glass is extremly overpriced. Are you paying for the glass or the whole window replacement? :shock:

Post was removed but he said it was just glass on a double hung.
Seems he is paying for a whole window unit.

Somebody’s got to install it.

You take it to the hardware store and they do it for you.Try True Value or Ace.
They usually do it while you wait.

If install men charge that much I can get very rich.

Has anyone ever heard of Pre-Closing Walkthru?
Was the Glass broken when they conducted the Buyer Inspection prior to Closing?