Broward County will become part of the ocean soon.

Good then I will have no choice but to move the Family :slight_smile:

Bad news for those thinking to move to Palm City…we are full! :slight_smile:

Not me.

too hot there :slight_smile: also.

And exactly how “soon” is that? :roll:

Good Grief People.

DO the damn math.

Broward county area is 3.36 mm rise per year **IF **current trend holds(data from 1970-1014)

That’s right. 100 years years from now it will be 1 ft. higher but only if the current trend continues.

Gee I hope the good citizens can figure out some way to prevent an increase in drowning deaths. :roll:

Wake up.

Nicky is nuts.

Damn, I needed a real good reason to move my family out of this hellhole “they both love” and up to some Mountains somewhere where I can live out my life happy.

Unfortunately I am afraid I will end up passing away here.

I guess y’all will be coming over to my side of the coast :roll:

Guess you weren’t there three years ago when the ocean came up over the beach and washed out portions of A1A…

By February of 2013, it still wasn’t fixed. And I know this because it was my first A1A Half Marathon and that portion of the road was still closed.

So what? Storm surges happen. You live in Hurricane alley for goodness sake.

It isn’t like they have never happened before.

It was mostly due to the moon and tide. It happens quite often.
And, as someone who has lived here all my life and spent thousands of hours on both coasts, I would be pretty sure thst the ocean is getting closer…

I’ll see what it looks like in February when I am running. …

My advice?

Don’t stand still for 500 years and let the water cover you because that’s how long it will take at current rates of sea level rise.

Just walk away slowly if need be.:stuck_out_tongue: