Brutally Cold!!!

On top of Mount Washington and all over the northeast.

I am even wearing Long Pants today Peter, and will have to wear gloves on the Bike tonight when I go ouy for dinner. ;):smiley:

No crap!! It was down to 28F here this morning.

Man it’s bad here, tonight will be down in the 40’s some parts of the state in the 30’s, time for the all-weather flip-flops :wink:


10 deg. now Gerry.

A bit warmer tomorrow.

All the way to 25

Cool, very!!! I left New England after a month of - 5 to -17 (not including wind chill) no amount of money would get me back


Had a mold inspection for a 24 unit apartment new construction, this morning (had to complete the inspection by 8:00 (workers, you know)).

It was 21 degrees with a 11% RH reading in Waukegan.

But, I got home by 9:00 and had the rest of the day to enjoy my family.

Cold, yes. It’s called winter.

You suck!!! :wink:

My bike is in the garage till April :twisted:

Did I tell you that when I went to Phoenix for my BPI training I rented a Harley. Cruised down to Tucson, then to Sahuarita to visit friends then two days to get back to Phoenix. It was great, some of the most beautiful country I have ever seen, and what a way to see it. I rented the bike from Chandler HD, great people. I can’t wait to come back and I’ve already made up my mind that someday I’ll move out that way.

And if this cold keeps up it will be sooner than later!!!

My snow covered driveway is 440-feet long and since I have to drive to Boston today… I had to “get up early” to plow it out.

[FONT=Arial][size=3]When I went oustide …The actual temp was and still is 6-degrees above zero {F} and the :shock:wind chill:shock: was -11F!
Thank GAWD for riding Snow Blowers! \:D/

Brought the kids to “Disney On Ice” last evening with a frigid temperatures in the low teens. After the show, my wife and I stayed in the building for a hot cup of coffee and conversation and my kids went outside in between the Boston high rise buildings enjoying the freezing cold air blowing excessively in between the tall buildings. That damn freezing wind was blowing very hard once you get in between high rises.

The kids can have this stuff. I’m just getting too old for these finger-cheek biting temperatures.

I remember you saying that Peter. :D:D

Hey Pete,
I hope you are not framing outside these days!
happy new year.

No, we’re just doing blown in insulation for NH CAP!!! BRRRRRRRRR.

Woke up this morning to a brisk -23 below actual with wind chill -43 below. Time to get the warm jacket out. Happy New Year to all.

You guys make me feel better. It is 63 with light rain. :twisted:

Wanna trade??? Please!!!

5-Day Forecast for ZIP Code 55060 Customize Your Icons!FridaySaturdaySundayMondayTuesday

4° F | -17° F

2° F | -17° F

5° F | -12° F

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Clear Partly Cloudy Clear Partly Cloudy Hourly
Today is forecast to be Cooler than yesterday.

It’s so cold up here, my igloo is flaking!..awwhh…the great white north.

It’s gonna be cold here for a while too! Burrrrrrrrr


I remember way back in the 1900’s I used to walk, Aw never mind. it’s Chicago, it gets cold.

That was before the automobile Jeff??