Bryant Type BR BR115 Breaker Double Tap?

I did not see a capture plate under the screw in the breaker that would typically be visible if a breaker was designed for double tap use. I looked elsewhere first and I now know where to purchase these breakers ;-), but I’m only concerned if they are rated for two conductors.

In this case, there are two solid 14 gauge conductors on a 15 amp breaker.

Needs a simple wire nut and a pigtail to be corrected.

That is the suggested repair I explained to my client if is was not rated for two conductors. It would be helpful to know if the breakers are or not rated that way and I doubt they are.

Don’t think I’ve ever seen orange and yellow wire in a residential panel before.

Don’t see blue too often either. I have some brown, orange, yellow and gray in panel in my house. :mrgreen:

I see it quite often. We have hundreds of homes built before 1930 in our area. Unfortunately in this case they didn’t use enough of it to completely eliminate the old K&T in the attic.

That is actually red and yellow. The yellow is a flexible skirt that extends past the harder red part of the cap.

Square d and Cuttler Hammer Thpe CH are the only ones I know of that is rated for two wires. These should be a small tag on the breaker listing wire size and qty if more than one is allowed.