Bsmt egress

If there is an egress window in a basement recreation room and a basement bed does not have an egress window, is this a safety issue?
Is the Recreation room egress sufficient for the basment bed room?
Also,I can’t find the specs on when a ladder is needed in a basement window well egress. Where would I find that info?

All rooms designated as bedrooms must have two means of egress…if not defined by local building codes, then as defined by standard building practices. Most basement windows do NOT qualify.

As for finding Egress info the IRC Code will have it.

Tim -

Where did you take your home inspection classes? I’m sure if you just look over your notes, you’ll realize they covered it and you’ve just forgot it. ANY competent trainer will have covered this in your training classes.

I’ve NEVER seen any test for home inspection associations, licensing laws or code certifications that DID NOT cover at least 1 or more of your questions. Look in your CODE CHECK also for those answers.

I did a simple Google Search for Residential Egress Codes or Requirements, and came up with LOTS of web sites with this info.

I built this page a few months ago from the NACHI course because I was getting a lot of Realtors challenging me on this issue . It shuts them up really quick.

James, I find it hard to believe that one of our Missouri Realtors would question this type of information in an inspectors report.

AS you know from attending the MHIA meetings in the past and listening to the RE crew at them - Like Larry, Fred, and the Lobbyist Sam - ALL they want is a professional, knowledgeable, competent home inspector for their clients. One that is well trained and finds the problems in a house.

When you say that local Realtors were challenging you / Are you sure they were from Missouri and not Kansas.

Most of my clients are very smart. I raised my prices some to get rid of most of the idiots.
So yesterday I was performing an inspection for a repeat client and I noticed she had a different Realtor. This client told me, the first Realtor referred her to another home inspector and this home inspector was done in an hour. She refused to accept the report because she knew there was no way he could have performed a proper inspection on almost a 3,000 sq ft foreclosed home in an hour (it took me over four hours). She did not buy the home because I found over $40,000 of problems.
I asked her if she will do a video testimonial for me, sometime.:mrgreen: