bucket of worms

I was contacted about doing an inspection on a trailor house,the occupants are continually getting sick,I suggested they might have a mold problem, their reply was they had looked and could not find any mold,however they were concerned about the possibility of the place being used to cook meth,this is something I have never encountered and have know idea as to how to proceed,just walk away or help them out . how in the world do you check for the possibility that meth has beencooked in the place? HELP.


Also, you can talk to Russ at www.idahohomeinspectors.bizin Coeur D Alene. He has experience with this issue in your state.

I think Russ is about 600 miles away, thus why I posted the link for an IH. :wink:

Yes, I think he is also but he does have meth experience in Idaho so I thought it might be worth a call. Both of those links should get James the info he needs.

Agree. Russ was my first thought. He is always good for a phone consult and possibly to get a referral from.

I just sent you a PM with a contact who can help you do this for these people. (Didn’t want to put personal phone numbers here on the message board.)