Buffet Rule...a good way for the rich to join in on the sacrifice.

Seniors citizens have made sacrifices…decreased benefits and higher cost.
Students have made sacrifices in increased tuition.
Disabled people have made sacrifices in decreased benefits.
Policemen, Firemen etc, city workers have made sacrifices by their numbers
being reduced.
The middle class and lower income are making sacrifices with less.
I am making sacrifices with less.
Those who are millionaires need to not ***** about joining in.
At least they have money to part with without a critical change
in life style…yes they may not be able to afford a few extra
luxuries because of the tax increase…but that better than a Senior
who’s making decision on medicine or cat food.

A Happy Home Inspector that is doing ok on less.

We all go to great lengths to keep personal ideology and political opinions in the members only, NFE section.

How about the government making do with less? Novel idea.

I agree with the government making due with less…I would start
with making deep cuts to everything near and dear to the Republicans.

Like what? I don’t think they hold anything near and dear except defense. As it should be.

Less offense, more defense.

Alot of the defense spending is excessive and wastefull. There is room for billions of wasteful not applicable defense, armorment,
weopon sytems etc…My point is there is fluff is all areas of government. And all areas of the government have waste. So if the Republican’s are sincere…they have make sacrifice’s. Not just
point out cuts to the Democrats programs.

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The problem that I have with Buffet is that he is trying to raise taxes on the very rich, so that they can’t catch him. Buffet is extraordinarily rich. Buffet is able to cut deals that no one can because he can allocate so much capital (recent BOA deal, for example). Now that he has all this capital, he wants to raise taxes to make it difficult for anyone else to catch him.

And it would seem as though Mr Buffet is a little behind on his taxes…about $2 billion short goes the report.

The solution to prevent Oligarchs is to cut taxes on income and capital gains (to help the economy), but raise taxes on the super duper rich so that they can’t pass all of their enormous capital on to their heirs (just some).

So how about across the board cuts in everything, yes everything?

Will you support that?

2 words:

FLAT TAX. (AKA Fair tax)

Tax dollars, not class. Everyone pays the same percentage. The debate that asks “which tax bracket should we tax?” is a useless tug of war which will end up ticking off the losers. The rich will leave and take their money, the poor will not pay.

Which is exactly want our pieces of crap called politicians want.

That’s the very reason so few give the flat/fir tax any consideration.

They want us at each others throats so they can use their power to pick the winners and losers always putting themselves first in line.

If you think it is different show me where.


Anyone who believes the crap that comes out of Chairman Obama’s mouth is an imbecile!

FACT CHECK: Are rich taxed less than secretaries?

Definitely support across the board cuts…
I want deep cuts to all that is near and dear to
the republicans…( these are basically the rich )

And cut everything else…trying to do as less
as possible to the truly disabled.


I will ditto that for Bush and all Republican officials…
The country was in bad shape b4 Obama got elected.