Bugs and more Bugs

Anyone seen these kind of bugs before???

looks like old abandoned dirt dauber (wasp) nests. They abound here.

These are not your standard old dauber they make a nest like a termite tube have seen then run up a wall for 5 or 6 feet and the outer covering is like a perfect welded bead. See them here but not real common always in the real Rural areas.

Here in NE we have the same kink of nest, it’s hornets or mud wasps. Those do look like old abandoned nests.

Active Dirt Dauber colony. They construct a tube, lay 1 egg then insert 1 paralyzed spider,(fresh food) add another section and repeat. The adult eats it’s way out of it’s chamber, leaving the spiders exoskeleton and constructs it’s own tube. They are nice to have around if you don’t like spiders.