Build A House (ag) Nah! but it would be fun


Hey, you would not do that would you? ha. ha.

Is it possible that the X that marks the spot would be their TBM?
Translated to Temporary Bench Mark for their elevation requirements for the foundation.

Just a thought, because I use a lot of X’s.

Marcel :slight_smile: :wink:

Why are they useing orange??

They need white or pink for survey.

Orange is for communications. Phone and cable.

That is right Carl, and we might as well tell the rest.

White = proposed excavation

Red = Electric

Yellow = Gas-Oil-Steam

Orange = Communication/CATV

Blue = Potable Water

Purple = Reclaimed water

Green = Sewer

Pink = Temporary Survey Markings

Hope this helps some.

Always contact DIG-SAFE. Nothing more important than digging in a safe manner to protect all.

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Now they are going to have nation wide one call number!


Or so I have been told.

Hey Marcel.
TBM ? perhaps you are right,as I began this whole idea as a way to learn ,and this is some thing I was not aware of,nor am I afraid to admit if I am wrong.
Can you tell more on this subject.?
As far as color code goes this most likely is not usualy followed often around here,as it seems they use orange for marking everything.
Property lines they often just stamp into the sidewalk.

Doesnt the Site Contractor have to call Dig Safe in your area before any digging can be done?

At one point the City AHJ needs to veify the required set backs, so I would imagine the the property line would have to be marked.

Usually the Deeded property and a plot plan of the site for the new, is submitted to the planning board in order to get a building permit.

How did that work for you on that job?

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