BUILD A HOUSE (need a quick opinion)

Hi…Getting ready to turn in for another big day.
But looking for a comment on the photo quality if I go with this style,and as you can see I am roughing out the edges on my mix of three programs.
Thank you

I use the Adobe eight professional program. The cost is $449.00 for this program and your photo did not come out.

I got the pic fine… looks good…

Those aren’t picture frames :wink: those I believe are vents thar run through and recirculate hot air back into the place, see the same Pic Frames in the bottom. :wink:

Well it worked the first time I tried, not it’s not

Hey, I see youse a member now, :wink:

Hi Frank …Wow! must be quite an impressive program.
Just wish I had the extra $ for something that good.
Think I got it right but was dealing with the size limitations while trying to compress with PDF 995,Infranveiw and paint not to mention ACDE,image shack,and photo bucket all free soft ware even spent some time on drawplus and gimp great soft ware for us poor folk.Trying to deside if I should go PDF on this forum.Or should I stay thumbnail.OPINIONS? First checkout the above PDF before commenting.

I’ve got Adobe 7.0 Professional. Picture came out fine. No problems.

That looks like an old Heat-a-lator fireplace. Worked fairly well for a stand alone masonry unit. Cold air in the bottom vents, heated air out the top vents.

Sorry this is what I get;
Invalid Attachment specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator

Good catch just thought I would have fun.
Yeah I guess they figured I’m OK no matter what everyone says.
Tried to send you a message last night as this format on downloading thumbnails has been giving me fits.
Do you think PDF is the way to go or should I stick to thumbnails even though its hard to put comments on the same page.

Try again Frank I had no idea PDF had size limitations also and had to make corrections

I tried it again in the picture came out fine.

By the way, nice photo! :smiley:

That might make a nice fire for roasting marshmallows, wieners or hamburgers on a cold winter day!

I like the size of the photo! What did you “re-size” it to?

I think it was 800x600 with plenty room to spare,so I can double up or go bigger.
Will finalize testing tonight then maybe go members only.
That way nobody will feel uncomfortable during Q and A sessions.
Public can still see it on my site if they like or active rain with a different look.

Why they left it standing? They plan to salvage the bricks @ 2-3 bucks each?

That was my thought, John. Been there, done that. Bricks are so beautiful it’s a shame to just throw them away, especially if they are high-quality older bricks that have aged. I used to salvage them, cut them into fourths, and use the resulting slices to make brick facades.

Don’t tell me…1 brick = $2, 4 1/4 bricks = $8 + installation = $16 a brick, am I learning? :mrgreen:

Oh, kemosabe, you are a very fast learner.

Don’t tell me…1 brick = $2, 4 1/4 bricks = $8 + installation = $16 a brick, am I learning? :mrgreen:

OK Now that you’re habituated to 16 bucks a brick…
Let me tell you about shipping and handling just $4.99 + 16 = $20.99.But wait, there’s more! A special deal today only 4 u, $19.99/brick! :mrgreen::mrgreen: