Build Fax

Anyone using Build Fax for permit history information in Fla? Any thoughts?

You are better off calling the building dept on your own.

My experience with that type of stuff is there is hardly ever anything about the properties I search on. I have tried a few.

I did use them and for some reason they have 98% of the houses information…I think I live where the 2% is.

The information they DO get is extensive and well worth the money. Just I like to be consistent in my offerings and their information was not consistent.

Hope that helps. The info is great when you can get it.

Same Here Gbell, not worth it. I did a search on my own home built in 2000 and nothing. I guess I live in that 2% area as well where they dont have anything…

I think Palm Beach County is in the 2%. Wish it worked. I would pay. My office staff works better.

When doing any inspection we check for dates from the ahj every time. Some have them online but most require an email or phone call. We now consider it part of the inspection.

most online for us but it is tricky figuring out where but we do so many that our office knows exactly where to look. We also do for every inspection and attach to report if we can