Builder dislikes home inspections

I was alone at a new home today when the builder stopped by. He ask what a home inspection cost. I told him.

His was upset then and said “Ain’t that just like these people, you give them a break on the price 'cause thay ain’t got no money, then they waste money paying for a home inspection on a NEW house.”

:twisted: I had my reply – but what would yours be. Would you put his remarks in the report?

I’m still writing up defects -


Mine would be - “go pound sand”

Yes I would put his statement in the report .
I would say Gee thats great ( I Would put out my hand to shake his ) ( skin touch can settle down hard feelings) I do hope your home is as good as it can be and I am sure they will be very pleased .
Glad to have met you .

Kindness usually slows down the malicious feeling he might have.
You have to remember this is his home and you are a guest.
Thanks look forward to hear what you said.
… Cookie

I think I would have told him its really none of his god damn business!

No, let it go, don’t cause any unecessary trouble, it will end up in your face, always does. M2CW

I have dealt with Inspectors, Engineers, Architects, and Clerk of the Works for years and years, and tell you what.
A comment like that from a Builder would only mean that the Contractor might be a little paranoid that someone might find some of his shortcuts and improvised in the Building process to save what he calls a savings to help out the Consumer.
Now the truth comes out, but he does not know that.

How are you sir, I have been hired by the Client and future owner of this house to examine the condition thereof.

Grumble,grumble, I am sure that if you have provided in executing the provisions of the Contractural Agreements agreed upon, you should not have to worry about anything, and if I find something that should be corrected, you will be the first to know and explain why.
Please feel free to accompany me in my walk through as your explanition might help in context should I find something worthy of discussion.

As always, my client chose to have me here basically to keep everyone honest and that is of course why she chose a NACHI Inspector.

Thank you for your cooperation and have a nice day, and now I go home and write the report. He will not be a happy camper. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Builders have big egos, to do my job effectively I must not allow the builders ego prevent me from doing the best I can for my client. When I start a new construction job I make it a point of meeting the field super and explain that I am another set of eyes and am willing to help him build the house that was promised to our client, my job is not to embarrass him to his boss or our client for any deficiencies in the building and will do my best to make him look good.

I will always go to the builder with my list of deficiencies before writing up the report, if he agrees and performs the corrections then those items never find their way into the report, if not the chips fall where they may.

I have been in construction all my life and know how to deal with site supers, so far so good. My whole focus is to get the builder to realize that working together is far more productive then working against one another.

Since I have been a Super all my life, Amen to that Joe.
But, there is always a rotten potatoe in the basket that throws you for a loop.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Be careful about talking to anyone other than the client without their permission. In South Carolina that could get you in deep water.

Or they might turn you into the city for not being legally there!;f=4;t=008880

And the fine could be more then you charged for the inspection!
What a crock!

It is funny isn’t… Builders dont seem to like us much. I had a run in with one last week - he was “the best damn builder around” - if this were true why did he seem upset I was around???

I’ve done some NEW construction inspections, rare but some. The truly good builders have never been offended or put off by me being there. It is the tract / spec builders that come off the spool and often will not allow me onto the site. Just had an inspection cancelled because the builder forbid a HI from coming on site. Apparently they have gone so far as putting it in their contract with their clients. I just set it up so I would be the one to do the 1 year warranty inspection and I gave the customer a detailed checklist for them to use on their walk thru. Told her to take along flashlight, clipboard, the checklist and to take hours to do it if necessary. She was tickled and very appreciative for the crash course I gave her over the phone.