Builder requesting proof of insurance

I was going to inspect a new build today but the builder refused me access until I provided proof that I carried insurance, has anyone else had this request from a builder?

Yes, all the time. It’s standard practice around here.


In addition, in Ontario (Canada) it is not uncommon that the builder asks for proof (certificate of completion) of “working at heights” (formerly slip and fall training) - part of Occupational Health & Safety certification.

It’s becoming the trend in Houston. Not only are they requiring a certain amount of E&O as well as GL, but some are also requiring $300k in automobile liability…

Common here too. I keep packets of my “credentials” to give out (copies of business license, insurance, InterNACHI certificate, state LLC, and cover letter). Also have all in a folder I can email to sales office when requested.

I carry $1mil Commercial Vehicle Liability on my truck for $115/year. Many clients also require $1 mil or $2 mil GL, it’s a cost of doing business.

Will, what other builder is asking for it besides Meritage?