Builder said plumber ran out of tape---)))

I did a final walk through for a lady yesterday afternoon, as usual there were odds and ends to finish but the builder wanted to close fast because as we all know their running a little short on shekel’s these days…:lol:

I’m looking at the water heater and the flue pipe is broke in half…the builder says to me the plumber probably ran out of tape, don’t worry he will get it taped up before you move in…:shock:

And then I’m looking at the age for some reason, because why would it be anything but a 2006,7, or 8…:roll:

I look at the tag and it’s a 2004…:lol:

So naturally I asked the builder why he has a 2004 water heater that looks USED to me installed, he says I’m crazy…:twisted:

I told him to look down the broken flue pipe and see all the rust inside it…:shock:

He says don’t worry about it, I’ll talk to the plumber Monday…:lol:

After about 15 minutes in the house I could not get doors to close (sticking at the top), the sliding glass door had a bullet hole in it…:shock:…well that was the end of the inspection…:lol:

The lady ripped up her closing papers in front of the builder, wrote me a check and said I’ll call you Dale when I find a different one…:lol:

Damn, I laughed all the way home…:smiley:

now that should give you a good feeling just knowing that the buyer was being horn snoggled (ripped off)… and you where there to protect her. NICE GOING…

Sweet !!!

Excellent Dale…

Way too many times I see unscrupulous boneheads taking advantage of trusting, hard working folks. This is one for the good guys!

Way to go eagle eye Duffy

I had a mess I showed over in another thread just found out Friday the buyer walked also.