Builder stopping building until I conduct my inspection

I just got a call from a client saying their builder has stopped the finish type work, interior paint, until I complete my inspection. Is this common? Their home had already been delayed 6 months. Builder is D.R. Horton.

It’s part of their ‘control’ game. They don’t want an inspection, so if they stop work, the future owner may think twice of getting an inspection.

On the other hand, they are also used to inspectors discovering all their crap workmanship, so stopping constuction will save them money from having to re-do any finishes they will destroy making corrections to the problems that you discover.

Good luck!


Jeffrey, thanks.

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Jeffrey, I will say one thing. The builder has accommodated me with every request. Even accommodated a 2 hour earlier start due to weather. I always read into things, but I will give them the benefit of the doubt. Loyalty however, is to the clients.


I concur just did a new construction that both upstairs overflows were not connected correctly, guess what happened when tested.