Builders Survey Ethnic Home Preferences

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Builders Survey Ethnic Home Preferences

(January 30) -- The National Association of Home Builders has studied, for the first time, what different ethnic groups look for in a new home and come up with some interesting results. The findings show, for instance, that African American homebuyers want more residential space than any other group; that Asian Americans are willing to pay significantly more than other ethnic groups for a property; and that Latinos want to pay less for their homes.

NAHB research executive Gopal Ahluwalia said the trade organization decided to pursue the research because of the increasing number of minority new-home buyers each year. Across the board, the study also revealed that more than half of the poll participants would prefer a single-story home, contrary to the growing tendency among builders to put up two-story houses.

Other findings show that 40 percent of respondents would purchase a home with no living room; that nearly a third desire a three-car garage; that 60 percent want two or two-and-a-half bathrooms; and that outdoor amenities such as porches, decks, patios, fenced yards, and wooded lots are increasingly popular.

Source: The Washington Post (01/24/04); Deane, Daniela