BuildFax Roof Webinar for Florida Inspectors

You’re Invited! Join our live webinar, “The Florida Roof Life Cycle: Insurance Eligibility, Wind Mit Credits, and Using Knowledge of New Roofs to Your Advantage” on March 24th at 2pm EST.

This interactive webinar will explore the life cycle of roofs in Florida and the implications for insurers at different age intervals - aging roofs, middle-aged roofs, and new roofs.

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Thanks, Susan Ward

Sounds good, excited to attend :slight_smile:

Great, Shawn! Thanks for your reply.
Best, Susan

“This button” doesn’t click.

This this link below. Or go to our Facebook page at and you’ll find the announcement there. That’s actually where I signed up!

Best, Susan

I don’t have the time to attend but I want to thank you Susan for helping me & setting up my account last October.
Just yesterday a seller got caught not disclosing a permit to remove a tree growing in his septic system!

Thank you

Hi, Marc, thanks for your reply. I’m sure we’ll have a link to listen to the presentation when it’s over.

Best, Susan

Susan, can you share the link with us? I just booked an inspection on that date and time and unable to attend.

I will share the link to the recorded 3-24-16 FL roof webinar after I get it. Thanks to everyone for their interest. Please take a look at our Facebook page for other updates and recent blogs: You could even like us and follow us!

Best, Susan