Building Code for Septic Tanks

Can somebody tell me where I can view the Florida Building Codes without purchasing a code book?

I had an agent tell me she had a survey on a house that stated the Septic Tank was 77’ away from the house. The bank informed us the Septic Tank had to be at least 100’ away. Can anybody produce information to support or deny this claim?

I’m not in Florida, but I would start with getting/verifing the initial facts. In the few states that I have lived in, they all required the **septic tank **to be from **5 to 25 **feet from the home. Are you really meaning the drainfield? Again in my experience, for the drainfield, they did not require from the home, but **100 ft from the well or standing water. **

Yes I did mean well, thanks for clarifying. 100 ft is what we thought, but where can I find supporting documentation.

Local Health Department is usually who governs and issues septic permits. They would typically be the AHJ in this matter. They also have the authority to make variances to the specs and distances. This particular property may have a variance to 77 feet. The permit and associated file will have all design specs, so that would be my first call/visit.

rules and statutes contains the info you’re after

Alberta sewage disposal system regulations call for the following seperations;
2009 standards call for the septic tank to be;
–A minimum of 1m or 3.25’ from any building or property line.
–9m (30’) from any water source.
–9m (30’) from a water course.

Holding tanks shall have a storage capacity of not less then 4500 L (1000 GAL).
• The tank must not allow infiltration or exfiltration.
• Anti-flotation measures are required where high water tables exist.
• The piping and manhole access Holding tanks are used when the land area is too small for a field, mound or pump out.
• Small lots adjacent to lakes or rivers.
• Holding tanks for single family dwelling covers etc. must be protected from infiltration in high water table areas.
• These tanks shall be separated a minimum of :
– 1m or 3.25’ from any building or property line,
– 9m (30’) from any water source,
– 9m (30’) from a water course.

Supporting Documentation. Start with the EPA. Septics and waste water are highly regulated.
As a Licensed Home Inspector in Wisconsin, its not in our SOP to inspect. We have Licensed POWTS Inspector’s, and Maintainer’s for that specialty.

Greg, usually the requirement for the laterals is 100 feet, not the tank, so I think the agent is confused.

In Florida septic tank installations are governed by the health department. whom ever said that the tank need too be 100’ from the home is misinformed. The 100’ separation is from water bodies (ponds, Lakes, etc.) and from wells used for potable water and has nothing too do with the tank location (which is typically about 5’ from the structure), but the drain field.
The best money you could ever spend is purchasing the full family of Florida Building Codes and becoming familiar with them. if that is not feasible at this time you can view them by going too floridabuildingcodeonline. Once you are on the home page click on the BCIS tab at the top of the page and then you can navigate to which ever code you need too reference. Building,Residential,Existing Building, Plumbing, Mechanical, or Fuel Gas.

Same in PA.
Agreed, Spot on advice…

What the Bank wants and what the Health Department permitted may not be the same.
Government usually trumps the Bank… (Except when bailing them out)

You are good too go the magic number in Florida is 75’ from the well. You can call local County Health department for supporting documentation.

Just my two cents to add to the body of knowledge, here. I base the following on direct experience: the possibility exists that a well/septic field separation could have been approved by the jurisdiction for less than the required separation distance if the casing had been sunk deeper than that normally required. Some jurisdictions allow it, some don’t. In my state, the waivers can be found on the actual well permit.

Also, look at FAC Rule 64E-8.003(1). I offer no interpretation, just one paragraph from the rule. This should be confirmed locally:
[FONT=Times New Roman][/FONT]
[FONT=Times New Roman]64E-8.003 New Private and Multi-family Water System Construction.[/FONT]
****FONT=Times New Roman All potable wells serving private water systems and multi-family water systems shall be separated from major contaminant sources per subsection 64E-8.001(4) and subparagraphs 64E-8.002(2)(a), (b)1. and 3., F.A.C., and shall be constructed at least 75 feet from any OSTDS. Paragraph 64E-8.002(2)©, F.A.C., shall also apply to wells serving private and multi-family systems.[/FONT]