Building New Home

When building a new home, what are the basic goals that a homeowner should be aware of?

I recommend you have checked by a home inspector in stages , Know what you want before it starts, go above the require codes for your area, Like insulation ,grading, water proofing and so on. Also consider energy saving ideas while your at it. hope this helps

I would agree with Wayne, having a knowledgable inspector with a new construction background perform stage inspections can be a strong asset. Its the little details that get overlooked and buried behind walls that can show up years later to haunt you. Always, Always, Always hold money back from your contractors until the job is finished and the inspections are satisfied. This will ensure that your contractors have a vested interest in showing up, passing the inspections the first time and finishing the job. Make sure that you read all contracts thoroughly and that they do not require full payment before completion.
This website will help you find an inspector near you.

What goals are you referring to.