Building relationships with real estate agents

As a New Inspector what is the best method of building relationships with real estate agents? How did those of you who have been in business start the process?

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Say and report everything from a salesman perspective/state of mind.



I’m sure you already have a list of every realtor in your town.
Depending on what area your targeting you will of course, want a list of every agent in every town.

Start with handing out business cards and brochures to each office. Note who you talked to and rate the vibe. Some may be willing to use you right away some won’t be so friendly. However, never discount the offices/agents that aren’t friendly. Often a steady call on the office over time will get them to take a second look.
If someone isn’t using you after some time, ask why and be ready to take notes. Don’t get defensive, be willing to view your processes and adjust if its good for your business. Keep it simple and professional.
Realtors will appreciate and respect you if you maintain a steady, professional presentation, demeanor and report.
After some time you will get to know who are the real professional agents and the ones not so much.

If you have knowledge in a specific trade, be a resource.
Offer a few free minutes to answer a question from a realtor that might be stumped on something.

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Thank you for your response. I have been using LinkedIn to make initial contact with realtors in my area and start developing a network. I haven’t yet actually gone to offices. When you call on the offices are they just cold calls where you drop in or do you try to make an appointment? How do you get past the office manager to be able to speak to the agents themselves? I want to be able to make the best possible first impression.
Also, how useful are brochures? I have ordered business cards, continuing education cards for realtors and the buy your home back guarantee rack cards from InterNACHI to take with me to offices but I have not ordered brochures.
Thank you so much for your suggestions and information.

You’re welcome.
A simple two sided brochure is most effective. A tri-fold seems to be too much. I downsized to the two sided and simplified my info. I can share if you would like.

Buy the office manager/gate keeper a small flower arrangement or small gift and then after getting their name write it down and use it Every time you see them. Don’t just say Good Morning, its not enough. Say Good Morning Laurie or whoever.
Ask for the broker or top salesperson. That’s who typically is running the show.

Using LinkedIn is great but people need to hear your voice and see your face. Be presentable, professional, personable. Have a sharp looking shirt or jacket.
Don’t over talk which we all do. No one wants someone pontificating. Keep it short and sweet then follow up again in a couple of weeks or month.

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James, It has been my experience that most Realtors want the pass and easy inspectors so they can make a quick sale. There are some good ones out there but hard to find. After a few threats and cold shoulders in the first years of my business I decided to go Independent! There is the potential conflict of interest when soliciting Realtors.

Be careful always realize you are working for the client and not the Realtor. It is a tough road but it is an honest road.

Many Realtors think they have the right to pick the inspector for the buyer and to control the inspection process. On a few occasions I have actually been threatened just for doing my job.

I have been complimented on my work by buyers who had a bad experience previously by an inspector picked by the Realtor. They told me I did a much better job then the previous inspector they had.

There really needs to be more laws in place to prevent Realtors from having so much power. They should let the buyer pick their own inspector on their own.

The good Realtors out there know that a good inspector is best for everyone… There are no shortcuts.

Never go soft on an inspection just to please the Realtor or to make a quick sale… Never sell out. Always remember you are working for the buyer 100%


Thanks again Scott. I would appreciate seeing your brochure. Did you have Inspector outlet design it? How many do you typically leave at an office?

A small quantity of 20 or 30 for starters.
I had a professional designer handle my cards and brochures. It was costly but I’m told consistently they are professional.

Onto the response by Larry: Spot on.
Always remember who the client is and it isn’t the realtors. It takes time but stay consistent to your mission and it will pay off.
I have a few listing agents call and ask how the inspection went and my response is “Great”. Then the conversation is over. That’s the truth and reveals nothing about the inspection.

A competitor has their name on a real estate company’s car wrap and it has cost them several inspections because buyers do not want an inspector closely associated with a realtor.

Although we need the realtors to get get going and appreciate them getting inspectors’ names out there, we ultimately carve our own way.


James - Your info to send a brochure to doesn’t come up.
Send an email to

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Nice reply!

A lot of offices are ‘paper-free’ meaning they don’t take brochures or cards anymore. And you can’t really get past the front desk receptionist.
My favorite is hitting open houses on the weekends. When they are slow you can hang out and talk to the agent as long as you want. I give them small bags of kettle corn with a personalized pen and some cards.

One of the best ways to get their attention is to speak at a sales meeting.

Again, keep it shortand to the point. Take some good information and a fruit tray.
Almost a guarantee one of the agents will call you or send you a buyer.

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If you are going to do that speaking, I highly recommend taking a prop, that can be passed around the room. Or, a short video on some educational subject that will improve the agents knowledge base for their clients. Don’t just stand up there and fumble through why the agents should use you for their clients inspections.

I think Nick Gromicko, InterNACHI’s Founder used ICF, Insulated Concrete Forms, blocks and that may be passé.

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Hi Scott; I was just looking through my old message posts and saw this one; I’m just starting out as well and looking for resources for promoting my inspection service. Would it be possible to see what your brochure looks like?



Absolutely Steven.

I’m at thermal imaging training but have my laptop and can send this evening.


Thanks so much!


Here it is Steven.

Wish I could take credit for it but it was professional designed and all I did was ok it!

I do get a lot of compliments.

Good luck and stick with it. Its worth it.

A quick tip…don’t reinvent the wheel. There’s lots of info available out there. Borrow where you can.

Call or message anytime.



NP rack card-2.pdf (141 KB)

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You’re welcome dude

Nice brochure, Scott! :smile:

great looking rack card.

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