building sceince

finished the written portion of building sceince today from Flir, really enjoyed the course. :slight_smile:

It’s well worth the $$$ IMO.

lots of information in 3 1/2 days, great instructor though

Nice going Dennis

Hope it helped you out.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

Hey Marcel,
I still have this pic of Boothbay Harbor as my screenesaver:

Maine Trip 2007 001 (Small).jpg

it did help Marcel thanks, (my brain still hurts )

Beautiful isn’t it?

I went a couple of weekends ago.

My wife and I enjoy it there.

You going to come back eventually?

If you do give me a call. I am in the phone book, but not under mchammer, ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile:

I know exactly what your talking about!!!

Is Scott your instructor?

I think when we come back we will do a fall visit. I think it’s got to be beautiful, really colorful.

Maine Trip 2007 023 (Small).jpg

Been there too (with Scott). Welcome aboard Dennis. Now, if you can only get the work to help pay for it all, then things will be much better.:smiley:

Good course. Congrats…!

yes Scott was the instructer, I think he did a great job. also had a tech engineer & a software engineer come in about their new software

Way to go Dennis, welcome to the club.

Dennis, you can now consider yourself “Informed”!

Good choice, good job.