Bulges in Wall Structure

This is a manufactured home only a couple of years old. At first glance I thought the issue was with the vinyl siding but as I pushed on it I realized that is solid. It seems like when the sections were put together they didn’t line up??? Have you guys seen this before?

I also noticed there was no house wrap or vapor barrier underneath the siding. How would you guys write those up?

The side you are showing should not be the marriage line of the home. Also, in your fist photo, I can see a series of these bows farther down the wall. That says to be that the bowing is occurring at the ends of exterior sheathing panels. So, it could be that the home got wet before the siding was put on, allowing the panel ends to absorb water and swell. Or, an adequate expansion space was not allowed between the panels and they are pushing against each other due to moisture absorption and expansion. This problem appears to be manufacturing related.

I don’t say anything about the lack of house wrap…I disclaim examining for it in all my reports.

About the bulge, I’d say:

“The siding is warped, buckled or bulging at the LOCATION(siding exterior) and should be evaluated by a specialist to determine if the damage is due to defective material, the method of installation or a structural issue behind the siding. The issue may simply be related to a loose nail, but we cannot be certain without dismantling sections of the siding.”