Bulging condo wall

Hello all,

I recommended a structural engineer for a bowing wall on a main floor condo. The condo is below grade and of course I cannot see behind the dry wall. The bowing in the wall that runs along the exterior spanned from the living room into an adjoining bedroom. There are pictures included. The window picture, gives a good indication of where the condo is.

I have not been able to get any feedback from the realtor nor did I get a chance to speak with the structural engineer. I did another condo today with less severe bulging but I am looking for a solid protocol for these situations. I will provide pictures for that as well but please share your thoughts and experience.

9335_Quincy_unit_106 Wall 2 9335_Quincy_unit_106 Wall 3 !
9335_Quincy_unit_ Window
9335_Quincy_unit_106 Wall 1

Not enough to go on can only speculate. It may be the separation between the concrete wall and the wood-framed wall, Thay are not on the same plane. Need better pics.