Bunch of NAR big wigs doing NACHI.TV show.

You know I originally had doubts about the show, but now I think it might fly.

Anyway, in the past few days I got the NAR big wigs, Gerry B. doing commercial inspections, an expert in business ethics to talk about what he thinks of inspection associations that permit their inspectors to sell repair services, and a Senator.

Hey Nick,

I can see how NACHI TV could provide real time
web content for real estate sites. You provide the
feed and they get outstanding web content.

NACHI TV will blast though all the walls of resistance
even as the real estate sites help promote it.

Two (and there aren’t many to begin with) major real estate companies have already agreed to carry our consumer oriented shows such as the one I just shot on Polybutylene plumbing. Of course every show has a commercial within promoting NACHI members.