I have a great idea and want to see if my thinking is correct. I have an upcoming meeting with the local agent association and would like roll it out there.
Currently the competition in the area is not marketing the Buy Back program, nor the MIC.
I have been waiting for this meeting to fully introduce the Buy Back program.

What I want to do.

I do the MIC or sellers inspection. Paid for by the seller of course.
Bundle with that with a follow up with the buyer. Since the meat of the inspection was done, It would be a verification that nothing has changed. Add changes or repairs to the report for the buyer if any exist. Should be able to do this at a reduced price for the buyer, but only if I performed the original inspection. Doing this would offer service from start to finish.
If I do this, the report would then be the buyer’s report and would qualify for the buy back, correct?

Let me know your thoughts

Using the same report? Ummmm…Also,how many buyers would want the sellers inspector?

Gregory, I’ll back you. You try to get it going and figure out the flaws (if any) in your idea. We’ll then try to work out the bugs and roll it out across N. America.

See what you come up with.

Not the same HI Report,
as Circumstances Change over Time…
I like the Concept…

Maybe you are not aware…

There are Companies Performing Exclusive Inspections for Re-Location Clients,

These are Inspections to determine Valuation and Mitigation Values upon Corporate Assumption of the Deficiencies of these Residential Properties.

For Purchasers of these Properties…


Our Corporation Inspects Each and Every Contracted Property as without any Disclosure ( Real and/or Disclosed)

The Inspection Findings are what they are…

The Real Estate Market has not actually changed that much over the last 10 years…

Isn’t that one of the selling points of the MIC?

Yes, things change. That’s the purpose of the walk through/update, whatever you call it. However, how many critical things change in a month? Yes, things break, quit working. But will you need to do a full crawlspace inspection if you performed it right and there were no issues? Or that basement that is finished, or showed some moisture issues? You already know where they are. I’m sure there are some bugs and some tweaking. I haven’t worked up a pricing yet.
This will only work if I perform both though. And it really wouldn’t have to be a MIC house. But the marketing for that has potential.

Sounds good. I appreciate the support.

I hope to have details worked out for the meeting next Wednesday.

One item…change of ownership of the report. Maybe a legal doc. I may be able to take care of that within the agreement I use.

Not for my area.It means you can put in a contigent offer and get your own.

Nick awhile back this was asked about and your answer was NO!! Does this mean I could start to push this now in my area aswell?

I asked that question some time ago. At the time, my question was if the buy back covered MIC as well. That was a no.
This is a bit different. Perform the MIC/sellers inspection. Do a followup with the buyer.

I must have misunderstood the first question awhile back then. I thought this is what was asked about before. I think the bundling the 2 services would pretty much sow up both ends of the deal.

1 question I emailed Nick about involving bundling that I never heard back about was in my area when a RE represents the seller, but then also brings in the buyer they must have a form signed by both parties saying they are aware the agent represented both sides. Maybe that might be a good form to have for this case? Just another way to make sure the @$$ is covered.

Don’t see a need for it…done!