Bur roof

Commercial roof (about 25 years old)

Note the tall tree overheading the roof;

Note the holes in the membrane (where the flashign meets).

:slight_smile: feel free to comment!

About what, that you haven’t already said?

about what you see (cause, consequences and solutions).

OK I’ll bite. Cause- 25 year old bur. Consequences- It leaks. Solutions- Call a roofing contractor.


Actually the roof is not 25 years old, my bad…
it’s 18 years old. Obviously the tree has to be pruned cause it will and it is damaging the asphalt. However, what do you think could have caused this hole (see picture).

Don’t forget that this roof is exposed to a cold winter, that means lots of snow and ice.

No solutions.
Recommend: Licensed roofer evaluate the praticalaty of repair or replacing 25 year BUR roofing system…
Suspect: Water infultration. Open membrain below the flashing. Exposed roof deck and membrain ply.
Tree branches and limbs are touching the parapet and roof coping.
Recommend: a licensed arbor cut back all braches to within 6’ feet ofthe parapet if possible.
Tree limbs and braches are a leading cause of roof penitrations and gravel errosions.
Gravel errosion leads to aligatoring membrain.
12" of gravel errosion and debres around ( say ) western peramitor of the roof.
The same side as the extended tree braches.
Rusting on Galvinized coping and flashing.
Recommed sealing with rust proof paint.
Check all fasteners in coping and flashing for worn, rusted, lifted fasteners.

Cut the tree,
is that a drain i see?

I wish it was as easy as the client listening, then thinking Wayne.
Not one costumer in 11 years removed a tree.
Tens of thousands in foundation, walkway, driveway, concrete stair case repairs.:mad:
Replace the tree $300- $600 tops. With stump removal.:slight_smile:

Perhaps you had the wrong type costumer… http://www.google.com/products/catalog?hl=en&sugexp=pfwc&cp=14&gs_id=1j&xhr=t&q=lumberjack+costume&qe=bHVtYmVyamFjayBjb3M&qesig=NEAQDKtAseE9KKvHXlw7Mw&pkc=AFgZ2tl5v4yrtPcYZcUkE875K3Jxft5hP8cCVyRECI_wzq_sFfvI4GDb2R8ytp20VYkl9ZG98w6XdX4s5WDw0w4hRJguBVIlhg&rlz=1R2ADRA_enUS420&gs_upl=&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.&biw=1184&bih=586&wrapid=tljp1317054172522028&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=11589883156976470602&sa=X&ei=6aaATtuWC-XpsQLCiYkY&sqi=2&ved=0CEMQ8wIwAg#

That’s rich Jeffery. Up North in the bush a Cat Skinner that cut feld trees into 3 foot lengths for rapid decomposition earned 35 hourly. That was 1984 when I worked the rigs.

With some, the more they age the less they grow academically, socially, morally.
Some say I do not listen.
Mostly I multi-task.
The female gender handles it well. The male counterpart struggles to chew gun and walk at the same time. :eek:

As for your costume add assumption.
I hope I misunderstood or ***/u/me-d.
In business 11 years. Insured, registered, CSST. No cash jobs.
Municipal Code instectors behind me on several jobs. Hydro Quebec, Municipal building permits.
Facade restoration + repair. 35 years of building and repairing.
I ware a lot of hats.
Not costumes. :twisted:
No BB complaints.1 comeback repaired. 11 years. Hmmm. Not bad.:slight_smile:
One challenge by a HA HA HA home inspector. PS: I won. Insurance scam.
That started me off to becoming a HI. 2003 Jeffery.
See you made a best friend on the awards comity.
Dignity, morality, ethical behavior and self control when dealing with INACHI MEMBERS helps insure you, as a business man, that you will act with professionalism when dealing with others.:slight_smile:
Good and bad habits are hard to break Jeffery.

Robert, once again, what the hell are you talking about?

Jeffery you had made presumptions in the past.
That’s all.
We are creatures of habit.
Just hopping questionable habits are not reappearing
Some get conditioned to how they are treated. ( as myself )
Please excuse me if I am off base.
It was not meant to be inflammatory.

Someone needs to produce a list of Robertisms so we have some idea what he is talking about.:shock:

Just waiting for Jeffery’s new friend to say hello.

Robert, once again, what the hell are you talking about?

You now me Jeffery. Off base as usual.

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Re: OK, so I get sued again.
Welcome to InterNachi Barry! Glad to have you here. I can tell you will fit in nicely!!! :wink:

No response, and I was pointing to Michel as your new awards comity friend.
WOW at least I do not beat around the bush. Nor do not play " HEAD GAMES."
So what does a costume of a lumber jack have to do with the right costumer?
I must be reading between the lines again.
To bad Jeffery. I though some selective members where helping INACHI look and behave responsible, professional
The right costumer would be some one that reads and follows articles that help them save money.:slight_smile:

Just from this thread…

Costumes = Clothing that americans wear at Halloween time.

Costumers = People that work in the costume industry.

Hopping = That which bunny rabbit’s do.

Comity = I can only assume.

Ware = An article of merchandise.

Jeffery = Robert’s version of my real name.

Michel = Robert’s version of Michael’s real name.

And those are just the obvious ones!

Now Robert… go back and reread this thread from the start. :wink: