Burger King buys Tim Hortons.

I’m a huge Tim Hortons fan.

Burger King did the deal to avoid outrageously high U.S. corporate taxes. I support them wholeheartedly.

Remember, corporations don’t pay taxes. They merely collect taxes (by way of charging all of us higher prices for their products and services) and pass our money on to the government.

We need more patriotic corporations (like Burger King) to leave the U.S. until the U.S. lowers corporate tax rates (which are nothing more than taxations on its citizens).

Go Burger King!

So their new “double, double” will be four beef patties.

Warren Buffet put 3 billion into the deal. I know he is a capitalist first…but he looks like a hypocrit, second.

Warren Buffet makes money for his shareholders.

That’s his job.

Get over it.

He’s also a crony capitalist.

So does that mean Burger King will be dropping their prices?

The better question is will their competition also move their headquarters to stay competitive?

Profits are not evil and I get tired of liberals complaining about them.

They are such haters.:shock:


I believe corporations do pay Federal and State taxes on income. They pass through sales taxes.
They also have to pay out after tax dividends that then get taxed to the recipient. (Double tax). They can only hold so much retained earnings.

The tax is quite onerous as it steps up the percentage on the different levels of income.

That is my understanding anyhow.

Nick is right.

Corporations pass along all taxes paid to the end consumer.

Only the end consumer actually pays the taxes collected.

It’s always in the price of the product. ALWAYS

Correct, but that tax money comes from their customers. Corporate taxes are really taxes on people, not entities. Corporations merely collect them. The U.S. government is stealing way more than its fair share. I applaud Burger King.

So by Burger King paying less tax they will make more profit. Good for them.

But, history shows companies that move headquarters out of the USA do not share their windfall (saving on taxes) with their customers by reducing prices.

Which makes this statement by Nick rather one sided.

Why should they?

Don’t you get as much for an inspection as your market will bear?

The term “windfall” is just another leftist buzz word used to indicate unearned. Baloney.

No one is forcing you to buy Burger King products.

Wake up.

On side note now does mean we get good coffee and donuts?

There is more than $2 Trillion in foreign bank accounts that belong to U.S. corporations. Much of that from Apple and Mr. Buffet. 35% corporate taxes are just way to high.

Reduce the taxes to 15%, and you will see the largest economic expansion in the history of the U.S., which will more than make up the loss.

"Give us your poor, your tired, your huddled corporations longing to be free…"

I just want decent damn donuts and coffee

SCII (single Canadian incorporated individual) seeks merger with US corporation looking for lower tax rates. Enjoy private jets and long limousines, private or public. Discreet. Will accept shares in lieu. Contact East Side this MB

To all American Corporations. Come on up. We have lots of room. :smiley:

Now I’ll be able to get my whopper with a Tim’s coffee!


When I fly to Canada, I walk from the plane to Tim Hortons. It’s my first and last stop.