Burned Load Bar

Opened the breaker panel and discovered this. The electrician was there and asked him about it. He said someone turned the power on when he was not ready. The arching power has destroyed the contacts for the rest of the bar and can not receive any other breakers. The top 50 amp breaker is burned on the side but functions as intended. The electrician has no intention of putting another breaker in the panel, but how about the next guy. My inclination is to call it as a safety hazard and have the load bar replaced. An hour job for him.

Comments please as I have to write the report.

Panel is burnt and damaged, I recommend repair/replacement by qualified electrician.

And then, keep moving along with the inspection you were hired to do…:slight_smile:

Where in gods name was his panel lock?

It and the breaker are damaged. Recommend replacement.

It is not up to you to “have the load bar replaced” Just recommend replacement.

Replace, it looks like something shorted across the buss bar, but who knows. At this point it needs to be replaced.

Thanks for all the comments. By the way, I recommended replacement by a qualified licensed professional electrician.