Burnham boiler age?

Can anyone tell the age of this Burnham boiler with serial #64046546?



I don’t have much info on Burnham, but the Service Dept # is 717-481-8400.

Let me know what they say. :slight_smile:

Well, I just had an inspection over the weekend with the same situation. I called Burnham to determine if there was a way in interpret the serial numbers and they said they don’t have any way to do that. In fact, their response was, “There is no rhyme or reason for their numbers but you can call us with a serial number and we can tell you when it was shipped if it isn’t an obsolete unit”. Their customer service number is 888-432-8887.

Not an fast response especially for a weekend inspection, but it works.

I have a Burnham sn ;17435987 Name plate says 1997, hope this helps

Inspected a property recently with a model # of 6-22A. The phone # given by Bill Smith was helpful. They require an 8 digit SN to be more accurate. Mine had a 7 digit so a range of 1969-1974 was given for this model. Know that Burnham did not provide any type of indicate of age within the SN as I was told