Burnt cover on main service panel

What would cause the burn on this cover?

Hot wire protruding and insulation break down it arks like a welder .

Or someone stuck the cover onto the main lugs. Did you look in the bushes for a dead body?:shock:

Bottom line is its hard to say what happened with the information given.
All we know is there’s an arc burn.

If you see that you should be careful deciding whether or not you want to open the panel.

Second, why is there a seal on that panel?
Do you have a wider shot?

The tag/seal is at the meter.

I agree Brad - looks like arced on main lugs which are locked inside the FPL meter so I can’t see.

Look at the OP’s photo.
See the hanging seal?

It appears to be a combination meter panel. The seal is on the meter compartment and he has just opened the lower panel section.

Yes, and like I said it’s a tag on the meter above the panel

You can see the size of the conductor that shorted to the cover.

Thanks, we don’t have those here.

and that looks like a 4 gauge…