Burnt marks on service line connection

Came across a very clean service panel except there was burnt marks on one of the service line connectors. My guess is this happened at installation. Is this really a defect? I called it out and suggested getting a licensed electrician to review for safety reasons but just want other opinions on how they would handle it.

The problem with such finds is that I don’t want to be “the guy” to okay it. Even if there is nothing wrong with it, what if there is or something happens and you get blamed for not calling it out? I don’t want to see that in the panel. If it happened during installation, let them clean it up so I don’t see it or it gets called out. I’m not there to troubleshoot or diagnose, I’m there to call out things that don’t look “correct” or something that can cause a potential issue. Now if the inspector happens to be a retired electrician and he thinks its perfectly fine, then it’s on him :slight_smile:


add to SR
if you have IR thermometer or imager you could have easily checked for temp imbalance between the two + lugs
maybe more ammo for your concern & might better inform as to past or present

Great idea, thanks

You did well, Dale. :smile:

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