Bushes new Dallas Home

I wonder if they had it Inspected:D I would have charged at lest $1500 for that one. Pretty cool for the inspector that did.

have a picture?

Here is a link for the ones ABC news has. Older home I believe it to be partly on peir and beam fun times:D


Send him a brochure and a few business cards. Be sure to include maintenance inspections and a coupon for the Presidential Discount. :slight_smile:

I did do a re-inspection for Congressman Pete Sessions. You would have thought I would have the inside track to inspect the Presidents new diggs :mrgreen:

Spencer, how’d you arrive at that price? Just curious…

I was thinking of size, list price,pool, sprinkler, the fact that I would have brought along another inspector, the possibility that it would have had a huge crawl space :smiley: it being the presidents residents :mrgreen::mrgreen:,.


I really wish that yankee would move back to New Haven where he belongs and quit claiming to be a Texan.