Bushfart inane ramblings

Yes thanks, very enlightened people over at http://www.inspectionnews.net/home_inspection/ And your false identity (Harvey Hempelstern) is well known over on Inspection News. Why do you feel it necessary to hack the board James? I think you do not do very well over there because everyone easily shows just how inept you are! And if I am banned why am I posting under my name? James you have some serious issues you should deal with them.

Ray, I think that “Harvey” :mrgreen: is talking about someone else as you are obviously, by the very fact that you have made this post, not banned. He may be extending the olive branch here.

So James, why are you hacking Inspection News under the name Harvey Hemplestern? Keep digging the whole James, your opinions and statements are digging a very deep hole as to your abilities to try and manipulate the system. You are the biggest PR blunder NACHI has ever created.

Kenneth Bloodklott stated:

Ken are you off your meds again?

An email from Bushfart. This boy has serious issues. Subject: you From: “Jim Bushart” Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2008 16:37:00 -0500 To: I know that weak little men, like you, think that things like posts on my blog and messages on my answering service might be bothersome. These actions cause us to point our fingers at you and laugh all that much harder. They only go to prove how pathetically weak you are. You are not even a man. Go to hell, you sick little ****. Jim Bushart

I can’t believe I start to read these…:roll:

Bushart stated on another thread:

Thanks Harvey Hemplestern.

I put the banned idiot on my ignore list recently. Try it.


Thanks thats a good idea, I put Bushfart on my ignore list too!


Best thing for all members is to put this fool on ignore! I don’t even know what he’s saying, but I know I’m not missing a thing.


I agree put the fool of an idiot non member Bushart on ignore!

Why do you suppose James Bushart hacked the ASHI discussion board and Nachi condoned it? Why does James feel the need to hack his way into other boards and yet be hypocritical of others who actually use their own names who he claims are hacking NACHI? Hmmmm…well, … I guess the ESOP is operating clandestine intelligence gathering operations against NACHI members posting on other discussion boards. And other info that James deems worthy of attention. The only problem is thanks to James - its no longer clandestine!

This just in from Frank Crayola Carrio.

Get your facts straight I have never been kicked out of any association other than NACHI of which I never paid for membership.

Now Frank I would like to discuss with you your ability to send foul messages and other repeated offences on this forum and get away with it. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander eh? You hypocrite.

Yes please do send a cease and desist letter and we will see where that goes.

Now Frank please shut up and stop polluting the board, and maybe I will refrain from defending myself!

Who the heck is Ray Wand, and just what is his “problem” issues? Quite a lot of dirt being thrown about. Whatever started this discourse?

Just curious

Strange indeed… here we have James once again pontificating and being the perpetual hypocrite. Why did James find it necessary to hack Inspection News and ASHI, and yet here he is trying to rationalize his convoluted theories on the rest of us while he breaks every rule in the book.

Also James those are pretty big allegations, can you back them up?

Put your wallet where your big fat mouth is!


Just what is going on here with Wand??? Seems a bitter man. What
ever started this?

With all his posts, when does he find the time to do inspections!!!

Have noted him on other BB’s, and he does nothing more than slam NACHI, and other associations. At least he his “equal opportunity” slammer.

Is this for entertainment purposes only?