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I own a multi inspector/state inspection company and I desire advice/wisdom/experience on how to grow this business. So far, I have just made it work and done it on my own, but as I grow, I seek advice on how to make this expansion and how to structure this business.

I have listened to about every podcast out there from Mike Crow to Inspector Toolbelt. My main desire is not to get rich quick, but rather reorganize my business to last the test of time and to best serve my inspectors. I would appreciate any advice or experiences you all might have with the companies listed above, and also just advice on how you have done it. I am wiling to pay a service to can help me with this, I just want to vet that they are legit. Thanks

Jeremy, you can bump your other post rather than start another one similar;

Good luck with your growth, too! :+1:

For some reason I thought I didn’t post the other one. I found it and deleted it so I only have one out there. Thanks

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You’re welcome…no problem. Hope you find what you need.