business card design for Weiland Inspections LLC

A new business card design for Weiland Inspections LLC was just added to the InterNACHI Marketing site:

This member saved $340.00 by taking advantage of our free design services:

  • Logo Design: 2.75 hr @ $85/hr = $233.75
  • Business Card Design: 1.25 hr @ $85/hr = $106.25
  • Total: $340.00
  • InterNACHI Discount: -$340.00
  • Cost to member: $0.00 (members only pay for printing)

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Very nice.

Thanks Jesse and Levi for all your work!

Hi Jesse,
Nice job on the cards. Are they available with the bullet points on the reverse side as well? I have a logo but would like to revamp the cards and add bullet points on the reverse.
Send me an E-Mail ant let me know.

Hi Clint,

I just sent you an email. We can put just about anything you want on the cards. There are many examples of business cards that contain bulleted lists on our portfolio page: