Business Card ideas

Hi Everyone,

I am struggling for some ideas for business cards, I want them to be classy but also punchy.

I do not perform many Home Inspections here in the UK my main inspections are mould, damp, moisture intrusion, thermography, IAQ and healthy homes.

Can anyone tell me what the main body of wording they used to get the right card designed?

Many Thanks


First make a list of what you want on the card. Business name and your name and phone number. Add your services, web page and logo ( if any). Then decide how you want to lay out the card. Many print services have card templates you can use with a paint program and just shift items from your list around on the template till you get something you like.


Thank you that makes a lot of sense

InterNACHI does everything you require.
Levi’s, The Best!

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One common problem of many graphic designs is they are too busy. By that I mean that the eye is drawn in too many directions. Concentrate on providing a single focal point, like your Logo. Graphic artists will tell you, “…white space is your friend.”


Go slow and print a small batch… My 1st business cards were cheap had a tow truck logo, it took a few iterations to get it right.

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Do people even use business cards nowadays?

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I’ve designed my own since day one and they have changed considerably over the years. Find copies of my latest below for any ideas you might want to use.

bus card - Side 1 - 2020.pdf (79.6 KB)
Bus card - QR Code - Side 2 - 2020.pdf (48.5 KB)


Thank you so much, I really appreciate your help

From the market research I have completed and the times I have been asked I would say yes, but I guess it’s region or area specific

Thank you I appreciate your reply

They seem reluctant if members are outside of US or Canada

I’ve become a fan of two sided cards, one side is plain and simple with:

Your name
Your title

And on the back:

Company name
Phone number


I just ordered these metal business cards the other day. This is my proof.

I won’t be giving these out to just anyone.


They are very smart

These look really smart, such a great idea too

Many of us have been handing out business cards at Realtors for years. Most people don’t save business cards although I have a few (people I regularly refer) under my desktop glass. Foe a little more distribution consider your logo and contact information on note pads or post it notes. Realtor offices regularly take calls and write notes for agents on notepads. With 50 sheets or more per pad this might get your information around the office quicker than your business cards sitting in a rack.


Those look effing awesome man.


Thanks I agree!


That’s a brilliant idea, I will look into notepads definitely