Business Card info

Nick -

I was just looking at a business card that got finished by NACHI. The card is very professional looking.

My question is though why this more information not put on the business cards?

I put as much information on my card that will fit. I want people to know the services that I offer phone numbers to get a hold of me, website information and my credentials. Is this wrong to put this in this much information on a business card? It seems to be the only piece of marketing material that I give out that people carry with them, so want to have as much information as possible?

Is this wrong or is this right as far as marketing goes?

I have a Nachi designed BC and I like the “less is more” approach to a card. I figure that I’ll make their head explode with a brochure. I kinda think the card with more design than info. adds a bit of personality. JMHO

Thats what I need is input. I do know that when I hand them a card, often I see them bored so they sit, take it out and read it.

Thanks for responding. My point is that they carry my card…usually not my brochure. But I do see your point of view as well…hence the discussion.

I’ve had a 4 sided business card for a few years. Getting ready to redo it to include a QR code. It has all the business info on it, my info, credentials, my photo, customer testimonials. It’s like a mini brochure. It sticks out because you can set them up like a tent. It’s the most noticable in a stack because they slightly open up

Marketing 101; the more you put in your advertising publications, the more reasons your potential client will find “Not to call you”.

Who wrote that? Care to expound on it a little?

So in that reasoning, someone should call the one that advetises:
“Home Inspections call xxx-xxxx”
“Cerified Home Inspections. Using the thermal imaging technology with computerized reports. Call xxx-xxxx”

That’s like going to a restaurant and buying a plain burger over a Whopper;-)