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I have a question on business cards. I am from Illinois, so we have to be licensed. On my state license, I have my name which is Martin Karl. I am operating as a sole proprietor. Everyone around here knows me as Marty Karl. Are there any laws that say I must use Martin on my cards as opposed to Marty? And do you have any advice on this matter?
thanks in advance and Happy Easter to all!

Marty Karl
All Pro Home Inspections
Serving the St. Louis metro east area

If you go by Marty, and that is the name you want your clients to refer to by, then by all means use it. My business is under Charles Forman, but my cards say Chuck Forman, not a problem. The one suggestion I would make though is to set yourself up as an LLC, not as a Sole Proprietor. An LLC costs just a little more, and provides you with much more legal coverage than the other. As I am not a lawyer, and just going by the referral of my attorney, I would check into this in your particular area before making any changes. Good Luck.

My legal name is James Andrew Levy and everyone calls me Drew. The name on my license is James Levy. On anything with regard to advertising I go by James (Drew) Levy. I do this to avoid any consumer fraud issues. It may be overkill that I do this,but I am comfortable with it. I almost never go by James in the real world though.

My state license says “Richard Maday” my business cards say “Rick Maday”

I don’t see an issue with it.

Common business practice would be as Drew does… Martin (Marty) Karl. (don’t forget your lic# on your card).

You wouldn’t catch me putting Marvin Charles Evans on my business cards!

Mine is different also.