Business check?

I just opened my business checking account in Florida for my single member LLC. I can’t seem to get a straight answer on how to sign the checks.

If I want to write a check, should I sign the bottom right corner my personal name, write in the business name, or sign my personal name and put something like MGRM.

When someone writes a check to me, should I sign the back just my personal name, or write the company name then sign below? And one person said I should just get a stamp and just stamp the back instead of signing, but what should the stamp even say? sorry if these sound like dumb questions but I have been told different ways and want to see what others are doing to maintain a solid LLC and not risk it.

I stamp the back with the company name account number and “for deposit only” ( you can write this on there as well till you get a stamp)
I sign all my outgoing checks with my name. I am a single member LLC and as the managing member I have authority to sign on the company’s behalf. No need for other stuff.


To write a check sign your name, you own the business in the lower right just like any other check, On the back I put my account number and FDO…For Deposit Only…

When I opened up my Chase business account, they had me fill out a card with the acceptable signatures. My personal Sig goes on every check.