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I have been racking my brain trying to come up with a name for my seems like all the good ones are taken,any help would be greatly appreciated

Go with something that you can eventually sell not using your name like I did :smiley:

Make sure it will not be a pain in the a s s email and website address.

Look at the interNACHI logos and maybe it will help get the mental juices flowing on what you like and dislike.

Having a name that is not dependant on what you are currently doing and could be used for other things is handy like mine :smiley: My name works for everything I have ever done. Just having my personal name on it makes it tough to sell when I am done with it.


Also a name any idiot can spell for those who write checks.

Roys Home Inspections Brighton |

Worked great for us and we had no trouble selling it 8 years ago.
Old name still active on Google , new owner used a new name .

Meet agents and they all still remember my name .

Other than what Meeker already said, you don’t give us anything about yourself to work with, including your location. “Cincinnati Home Inspector” sure won’t work if you operate in “Yuma”!

Very few of the great names that you can really brand, have been taken.

My advice: Choose an adjective (preferably a color) and a noun (that you can touch if you had to). Example: Steel Rhino Property Inspections.

Then have me come up with an awesome tagline for you (no charge) so that it reinforces the brand in people’s brain. In this case “Steel Rhino Property Inspections… Stand back, we’re here.”

Steel Rhino Property Inspection | Professional Inspections - Home and Systems.

Then have Jessica make you a logo: Logos | InterNACHI Marketing

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“Steel Rhino”, sounds like a good name for an erectile dysfunction pill. :D:—)

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You don’t have to use your business name for your web site, to use Jeffery’s example, Yuma home inspection may be taken for a business name if you are in Yuma, but you may be able to get (inspector, inspections) if it is available, and that will be a lot more useful to your business than a random name.


The pill must work. He’s only been out of the military for about 10 years and he has 6 offices, 10 inspectors at his Denver one.

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