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I am a recently certified inspector. I have been in the homebuilding industry for over 14 years. I have had an LLC for my other contracting services. my question is if I should have a different name for the home inspections that includes the term home inspector? Should I continue with my current name which is Bring into Being?

If you already have an LLC, you can operate your inspection business as a DBA with the LLC being the responsible entity. You don’t need to create another LLC.
Bring into Being, LLC dba BIB Home Inspection

I have Silvertree Construction but as an inspector Silvertree Inspections.

I operate my 203K as 203KLoanMN

Check with your Attorney…

I own a Contracting Business…
a Home Inspection Business…

Both are Incorporated Businesses

They are Operated, Incorporated and Owned separately and apart and each files separate tax filings…

One Business can not be enjoined by the actions of the other Corporation resultant from a Lawsuit…
Your mileage may vary…

Thank you all for the great advice. The only other question is if you think that a name that is more focused toward home inspections would be helpful in marketing?

Yes. If you have a generic name like XYZ Enterprises, you’ll need a tagline to let the world know you are an inspection company. For example:

XYZ Enterprises

  • Inspected once, inspected right.*

Aded ‘home’ inspection as well, when I google just inspection I often get unrelated inspection services, like used car inspections.