Business Plan for New HI Business

Before you inspectors started your business, did you sit down and write a business plan? If so, did you buy a software or did you follow web links and read up on it?

I am starting my 3rd year in business, and I never wrote a business plan. (don’t laugh…too much)

I really don’t have systems in place the way they should be. Whatever. I went to Merrill Institute, but the info is kind of overwhelming.

What should I do. Also, I am very frugal (or poor) and I really don’t want to hire this done. Thanks for your help.


I am working on mine and found the Small Business Administration web site to be helpful.

And linking from the one Ralph just posted, are some sample plans…

I used PaloAlto’s Business Plan Pro.
I found it more than comprehensive enough to cover current and future uses. It is fairly easy to use and has numerous sample business plans (in case you get stuck on a part and need ideas on what to put into that part). I also recommend using your local resources, the SBA and SBDC. If you have an accountant, they may be able to help you as well.

I had my attorney draft mine.

I never needed this business plan, but he advised me to keep it on file.