Business setup for ease of management and growth

I am looking at options and doing research on how I want to set up my new home inspection business and would like options and feed back on your experiences. I know there are a lot of topics in this forum on this but seem to be outdated or old.

here is my set up: Company X home inspections

start with software I have narrowed down to a couple but think I will go with Spectora. Or is there a better one to buy verse lease??

Marketing and website development I am looking at Full View home inspection marketing

for ease and automation I am looking to use ISN and a call center. American Call Center is my choice so far.

So what I have so far is website development, marketing and branding, software and integration management as well as a call center to help me while unable to answer my phone.

Am I missing something or with this setup are there a few other options you would recommend to look at?

Full View is the best choice for website.


I’d skip the call center. No one can sell your services better than you.


I’ve known Ian Robertson for a very long time.
You will not be disappointed.

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So, just how DEEP are your pockets? For a newbie, you sure have a heavy COB and you haven’t even mentioned all the other MANDATORY stuff your gonna bleed cash on!!

Know what the #1 reason is for newbie failure is in this industry??

I agree with Peter and Marc. Full View Digital is a great help and worth it:

Oh, and welcome to our forum, Maurice!..Enjoy! :smile:

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thank you I set up a meeting with them tomorrow.

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I think in the beginning you are right but I’m looking to set up a business plan for now and the future plan for growth.

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thank you I will be speaking with him tomorrow


Thank you for your concern, I have the pockets for the set up. But I’m also not looking to bust out of the gate with all of it, but I am planning for growth and expansion. I did not mention insurance, but was looking into InterNACHI for estimates, unless you have a recommendation?

Hey Maurice,

I personally started out with ISN, and call center from day one, the only thing I didn’t have sorted out was my software, but I eventually landed on HomeGauge in year 3.

ISN & ACC is the best thing as a business owner that you’ll ever do for yourself, those who say someone else can’t sell as good as you on the phone are incorrect, and likely of a different mindset than yourself.

Simple case in point, look at other service type businesses, does your plumber or HVAC person answer their own phone? Some do (one-man-show) a majority don’t.

For the last 3 years we’ve done over 1000 inspections per year (should do around 1500 this year). Couldn’t have done it without ISN & Call center.

Marketing is where most inspectors fail.

Good luck.


thank you for the information, I am looking to create a business and not a stressful job for my self. This will not be my first business, and using lessons learned I am building a business that is structured to run while I’m on vacation.

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Great job building a very successful business Patrick. I am launching an inspection business and could use some advice. Would you be open to a conversation?
I am glad i came across this post. I was looking for a marketing company help and i think i have found it here.

Welcome to our forum, Hiten!..Enjoy! :smile:

Yes definitely.

My cell: 503-504-6258

Text me first and we can set up a time to chat.

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