Business Success Tip

It’s just a small thing I’d like to share…

I just got off the phone with Dick Viti from
( BTW - He’s got some good online courses - )
He had a technical issue with NACHI.TV this morning.
He emailed me and told me his problem. Inside his email signature was his phone number. I was outside hiking with my iPhone. It buzzed, and I checked his email. Read it, and with a touch of my finger, I was able to call him quickly.

Phone numbers in email signatures are extremely efficient live links for people like me who carry iPhones. My iPhone turns a phone number (inside an email) into a live link that calls that number with just a touch of the finger.

Tip: Put your phone number inside your email signature. That will make it easy to call you right after reading your email.

as always good advice:)

<<<I can almost hear Linas (iPhone) and Bob (Android) going at it as we speak>>>

The HTC Touch Pro 2 also has that very useful capability and it sure makes contacting those who send you emails easier. I now put my cell number in the signature of every email i send.


I am continuingly astonished at the volume of email I get from HIs that have no contact information [other than their email address].

I have an iPhone and if your email has your phone number, I can call you the second I read your email by touching your phone number.