Hello everyone, my names Steven Hill, I live in the Atlanta Ga. Area. I am trying to start a home inspection business. I’ve worked in the construction industry over 30 years. I have been studying and doing practic inspections since march 1st. I have everything in place to start up except paying customers. I’ve been passing out cards to people I know in the real estate biz. Looking for any advice I can get. I know it will take time to build a business my goal was/is to do 2 paying jobs by the end of the month. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.thanks.

Finish your website also post a copy of your report template so people can see if your reporting atleast to the SOP. Take down the message the website in still a work in progress. First thing you need to do is fix your contact link.

Work on your website as Billy said (which will bring you business in 6 months to a year) and learn how to use Google ads which will bring you business now.

read this message board, just like anything, some good, some bad, but read lots of it. Ask questions (specific ones too).

I’d say get the website up and running ASAP as getting to the top os search engines rankings takes time so dont wait, you can always make it better later on. Dont be afraid to market, and network.

Also when you get busy, dont act like you’ve arrived and can slack off, you still need to market and advertise and network.

Best wishes.

Tell all agents you are a new inspector, charge $149, and you will get all of the business you want.

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This man speaketh the truth. Free 30 minutes? Hell, I am gonna take you up on that!

You can be the best Home Inspector in the world and never make a dime. Your now a small business owner who is a marketing company that specializes in home inspections. Look at it any other way and you will just be another blip on the inspection Radar.

Thats funny:):slight_smile:

I find this a statement that can be taken either way. I have seen sample reports that are not worth the $149. So then, is it the price or is it the quality that needs to change?